Kings Day Holland
Netherlands → Amsterdam27.04 - 27.04.2023

The national holiday in the Netherlands. The whole country celebrates outside on the canals or just on streets to mix with friends, family and neighbours.

Orange is the national colour of the country and for this day many people dress to show there pride to be Dutch.

The parties are popular with foreigners and expats visit the Netherland to join the celebrations. 

There are a number gay clubs or LGBTQ event held on the same day to celebrate being Dutch or with the Dutch.

Orange might not be your colour but worth visiting to enjoy the fun and Dutch hospitality. 

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Schlagerstern Music Festival
Spain → Palma de Mallorca10.05 - 11.05.2023

14 Top music stars performing at the German-speaking Schlager music on two evenings on the island of Mallorca. 

Event includes the crème de la crème with the Schlager stars Nik P., Beatrice Egli, Ben Zucker, Semino Rossi, Matthias Reim, Francine Jordi and Co. The ranks of Schlager stars will be presented with their top hits from the Schlager charts of recent years by TV presenter Andrea Kiewel. 

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With the Schlagersterne program, it won't be boring, but guaranteed to be varied. All Schlager fans will get their money's worth and experience unforgettable evenings at the Coliseo de Balear. 

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